Antonio Afendi – vocals.

Born December 19, 1986. After moving to Lugansk graduated from Lugansk College of Culture and Arts, and then Lugansk National University, vocal branch (teacher Sergei Chuikov). In 2011-2013 worked in the Lugansk municipal theater simultaneously was a member of the rock group “Priority”. In 2013 he joined the group “Steel Dawn”, which recorded a number of songs and performed at the rock festival “East Shaft IV». In 2014 he was invited to Moscow, where he began his concerts with a group of “Mirror Island.” Participated in the concert and studio work in the various music groups,including the third album Rock-Machine «Dance Little Sister».

Loshakov Alexander – drums.

Was born on July, 23rd, 1953. The first sounds from a drum has taken in 1969 in school group. Then the musical career continued in different bands. Musical style remained the same: rock’n’roll, hard fate, funk, pop rock and pop. Performed at festivals, toured in Russia, America, Israel, Turkey. Constantly participated in studio work and concert activity. Fan of hard rock (Led Zeppelin), psychodelic.

Musical career:

1969-1975 – “30th of February”
1976-1978 – “Golden mean”
1979-1985 – the session musician
1986-1988 – “Golden mean”
1989-1994 – the session musician
1994-1996 – “Pandora”
1996-1998 – Anastasia’s Group
1999-2000 – “Anasthesia”
2000-2004 – “Persona non grata”
Since 2002 on the present – “Lesopoval”
Since 2002 on the present – “Rock-Machine”.

Taran Anatoly – guitar, vocals.

Born April 7, 1960 in Sverdlovsk. Musical career began in the VIA “Spectrum” Sverdlovsk Palace of Youth and began to play at rock and jazz festivals. In 1986 he graduated from the jazz branch of the Sverdlovsk Tchaikovsky music college . In the 90th he worked at the legendary Song and Dance Ensemble of the Urals Military District. At various times, participated in the concert and studio work with groups “April March”, “Banga-Banga”, “GOST”, “Insarov.” As part of the rock band “Funny Bomber” recorded several albums and took 1st prize at the festival “UralRock.” Then he created the project “Sorcerer, Taran and Winner”, after which he was invited to the stage and concert at the Moscow group “Agent”, “8th note”, “Ranoveys”, “Shlager Band”. Beginning in 2009 – a frequent visitor Moscow blues jam sessions (“House of the road” and others.), he’s a guest of Kuznetsov’s guitar master class (“Accord”).

Makhov Andrey – bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, clarinet.

Born May 13, 1959 in Artie (Sverdlovsk region). Since 4 years old begin to sing at children’s choir of music school. Start to play guitar at 14 years old and created a school rock band.

At 1977 entered the pop-jazz faculty of the Sverdlovsk Music College, where learned the clarinet.

At Sochi in 1981 he met famous Russian composer and singer A. Dobrynin and was invited to Moscow to work in his art studio.

Since 1988 he returned back to Sverdlovsk and entered the pop-jazz department of the Tchaikovsky Regional Music College at Sverdlovsk in the class of bass. At the same time participated in various creative projects in the recording studios of the city, took part in the dubbing of films and cartoons.

In the early 90’s finally moved to Moscow and began working as a session musician in the famous studio of composer Rybnikov. In 1993 he served as a sound engineer in a recording studio and wrote arrangements of pop music material of some projects (Sergei Khizhnyak – “Chocolate-Victoria”, etc.)

At 1996 he was invited to New York, where he worked at the club “Colonial Mancion” (Brooklyn) at the same time with the singer Anatoly Aleshin and saxophonist Igor Butman.

Since the late ’90s he returned back to Moscow and worked as vocalist in different bands, as well as a session bass guitarist. Toured in France, Turkey and Greece.

Musical preferences: blues, hard-rock, art-rock, funk, smooth-jazz.

Artists: Eric Clapton, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Gino Vannelli, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes.

Osipov Sergey – vocal, guitar, keyboard.

Was born on October, 26th, 1971 in Moscow region. Started to play music at the age of 5: primary musical school on piano, guitar class of a jazz branch of the Musical college.

During musical career has written and arranged more than 100 songs for radio, musical groups, academic choir. Took part in recording of more than 20 albums. Took part in a significant amount of concerts, festivals and competitions, including international (in Russia, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, etc.).

Worked in various musical styles: jazz (G.Gershwin, J.Coltrane, G.Benson, etc.), classics (Mozart, Haydn, Schnitke, Faure, Brahms, etc.), classical hard-rock of 70-80th., latin american music, etc.

He was awarded as “Best guitarist” of rock festival in Bryansk involving 54 groups.

Musical career:

1994 – 2008 – the singer of Bryansk City Academic Choir (the choir participated and won 14 international competitions, has 32 international awards);
1989 – 1991 – Bubble Gum (rock-n-roll), bass-guitar, then guitar;
1991 – 1998 – Neverland (hard – blues-rock), guitar;
1993 – 1994 – Jazz orchestra of Ben Mirzoyan, guitar;
1994 – 1996 – Blues Quartet (pop-jazz), guitar and back-vocals;
1999 – 2002 – Air Bridge (pop-latin-rock), guitar and back-vocals;
2003 – 2004 – Neverland (hard – blues-rock), guitar and back-vocals;
2006 – 2007 – The Road (hard-rock), keyboard;
2008 – Rock-Machine, vocal and guitar