(hard-rock, blues-rock, progressive etc.)

The Rock-Machine (Moscow) was formed in 2008 by musicians of the famous professional teams in Russia. Last year Rock-Machine career continued onstage opening for Deep Purple world tour in Russia.

The band released two albums: “Soyuz-Apollo” (2010) and “The Island of the Moon” (2011) with original interpretations of blues-rock style, and adding elements of other musical genres, such as art-rock and progressive.

At 2014 released the album “Dance Little Sister”, a record which was attended by musician from California Robi Duganne and Bryansk City Academic Choir, winner of more than 30 international awards.

The group was invited to New Life Radio (Chicago), broadcasting in the United States and Canada, under the program “Music saloon Sex & Whisky” about Rock-Machine.

Rock-Machine – welcome festivals (“Invasion”, “LIVES FALL”), bike show (Moto-Maloyaroslavetz, Cheboksary, Stary Oskol). It performs regularly at clubs in Moscow as Schwein, BBKing, Life Pub, Glastonberry, Tabula Rasa, Tochka, Ocean, as well as in other cities (St. Petersburg, Saratov, Bryansk, etc.).

Rock-Machine Group was awarded the diploma of the rock festival Lives Fall, participates in charity events, such as “House of the Sun” at the music festival “Rush Hour” and others.

In an absolutely signature sound, in addition to his own compositions in the program own arrangements of songs from the latest album of contemporary musicians: Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Bonamassa, Sammy Hagar, Steve Wonder, Gwyn Ashton, etc.